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D i C k Y :: C h E u N g

Chinese Name: Cheung Wai Kin
English Name: Dicky Cheung
Viet Name : Truong ve Kien
Date of Birth: February 8,1965
Place of Birth: Hong Kong
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 132 lbs
Blood Type: O
Family: Mother and two younger brothers
Marital Status: Currently single
Education: St. Francis Xavieis College
Occupation: Singer and actor
Career began: 1984


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Most memorable event: Winning TVB's 1984 singing contest
Favorite Pasttimes: Listening to music, singing and sports
Favorite color: White, beige and yellow
Favorite foods: Fruits and Japanese foods
Favorite clothes: Casual clothes, jeans, t-shirts
Favorite countries: United States, Canada, and Australia
Favorite Actor: Chow Yung Fat
Most admirable people: People who don't give up easily
Favorite series : Wong Fei Hung Returns

Ni Ai Wo Xiang Shei

wo shen me dou mei you
zhi shi you yi dian chao
ru guo ni gan dao ji mo
wo dai gei ni re nao
wei ni rao yi rao
mei you shen me da bu liao
que ke yi rang ni wei xiao

*qi shi wo hen fan nao
zhi shi ni kan bu dao
ru guo wo ye bu kai xin
pa ni zhuan shen jiu tao
ai shang yi ge ren
yi ding yao rang ta xiang xin
zhe shi jie duo mo mei hao

dui mei ge ren dou shuo hai hao
wo de xin wo de qing ni bu xu yao ming liao
zhi yao wo dui ni hao zhe yang de wen rou ni
 yao bu yao
qi shi ni ai wo xiang shei
ban yan shen me jiao se wo dou hui
kuai bu kuai le wo wu suo wei
wei le ni kai xin wo wang ji le lei bu lei
qi shi ni ai wo xiang shei
ren he de biao qing wo dou neng gei
WOO zai ni shen shang xue hui liu yan lei *

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Dicky Cheung LIVE @ Genting

Monkey King


Smart Rebel Little Prince: Smart Kid

I Am (Not:) Dicky)

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Malaysian fans are warmer The "Hokkien boy"
Put on their best smiles "Han Xiong Yao Nei"
"Sai Yao Gei" (Journey to the West) His "seven wives"
Show off acrobatic skills A duet with Teresa Mak Ka Kei
Such a pretty girl! "Dui Mian De Nu Hai Kan Guo Lai"
Oops...Hiccup! Will act again in "Sai Yao Gei"
Wished to become a successful person "Better Man"
"2628000 Chun Xiu Gai Wak" Passing the big ball around the arena
"Yi Bei Zi , Yi Chang Meng" Finale: A promise to return if there's a demand.

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 เรื่องย่อ - หนังจีน




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New Series 2002 !!! Taiji Prodigy (Shao Nian Zhang San Feng)

รวมภาพเรื่อง ~ จอมยุทธกำมะลอ ~



ภาพ Concert ของ Dicky Cheung

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